For every special moment; come and discover the wedding keepsakes by cretalandia; unique handmade pieces to make your event even more extraordinary

There are some events in our lives that fill us with unique emotions, real milestones that mark the most important goals in our lives.During these times we desire more than anything else to share the joy and uniqueness of such moments with the people we love. What is then better than give a gift that stands as a symbol, a memorandum to make those moments unforgettable?

That’s why I realized a line of wedding keepsakes to enclose your most beautiful memories uniting tradition and originality.

Special Occasion; Secial Keepsakes

Keepsakes are always one of the most difficult choices when we have to organize an event to remember a special circumstance.Weddings, degrees, baptisms, Holy communions and Confirmations: these are the events that require the presence of these small objects charged with symbolism.It often happens that we buy some trivial item or anyway something that doesn’t really represent who we are, without really realizing that a keepsake is very important for whoever receives it. Cretalandia is the place where you can find what suits you best, the perfect combination of taste, novelty and sensitivity.

Handmade Keepsakes; Created just for you

If you won’t be able to find in my catalogue something that suits you,I suggest designing a unique item together that can represent who you are and the importance of the event that you want to celebrate at your best. Your guests will receive an original artifact, something emotional and unreapeatable just like the event to which they’ll take part.Without forgetting the inner value of Cretalandia keepsakes, that unlike the traditional ones can be easily used by your dear ones to furnish their homes, adding a touch of class and curiosity to the premises.
Be it a wedding, an anniversary, a degree or a baptism, Cretalandia keepsakes are the perfect solution to colour with emotion every special moment, making it unique for you and your guests.

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