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Discover the most original way to furnish your home with Cretalandia Ceramics. The ancient art of clay at the service of simple and unique artifacts.

Beauty lies in the details, in those small things that have the power to modify the space that surrounds them.A detail is sufficient to donate a new light to a wall, to a room or to the entire house.Carefully choosing these details is fundamental and it’s usually born from a mixture of taste , courage and love. These are the same ingredients that I use while realizing my artifacts.Whenever I create home furnishings, I always try to instill in them all my passion, wanting strongly to trasmit it to those who will choose them for their homes.

Tuscany, handmade

I love to let my imagination run freely, absorbing inspiration from the world that surrounds me and from the suggestions that it instills in me.I also realize artifacts that talk about my land, like decorated plates representing the landscape of the Sienese Clay Hills.At times I mold by hand ,items made from clay that comes from the Sienese countryside itself, flower vases or small jewellery pieces that I paint afterwards with acrylics, without firing them, leaving them in their natural element, the reddish orange clay,because this is the colour of Sienese clay after the first firing. It’s a clay rich in iron.

At the center of my work, in these pieces, reigns Tuscany and Siena, with its nature and its colours, its harmonious fusion between nature and the anthropic element, and also the ancient “cocci” ( pottery) of Asciano, tradition from which I sometimes get inspired. I don’t merely copy, but I reinterpret the past effigies, using my personal handicraft and imagination and trying to cooperate and also create a dialogue with whoever will eventually choose my articrafts for himself/herself or as a gift.

My work follows the client’s request; I always try to satisfy his/her expectations.

Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for an original gift, Cretalandia is the right place for you.In the studio you can find both artisan products by Gabianella, perfect for your wedding gifts, like sets of dishes, jugs, mugs, ladle holders..all strictly certified MOCA or simple artifacts made by me, all handmade or hand painted, unique and gorgeous, for whoever can appreciate their imperfection.
Nowdays, almost everything is mass produced and although there can be some advantages, one has lost the importance of seeing the spirit of things: with gift ideas and artistic ceramics, Cretalandia’s desire has been to find again this spirtuality, this emotion that concretizes itself in clay, giving you the chance to give people you love an item full of meaning that tells a lot about yourself and your taste for originality and uniqueness.

Whether you are looking for a simple gift or a specific one for an important event, Cretalandia is the right place for you,where you’ll be able to find unique handmade artifacts, that will make either your home or your dear ones’ more welcoming and original.

Send me an e-mail with your request. Be inspired and surprise your friends or loved ones with a unique object made of clay and love.

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