Cretalandia: a little kingdom of clay where every piece is unique, a small work of art, made with beauty and imperfection.
Discover the magic in our creations, dive deep into a world of originality, set between tradition and poetry.
Fragments of art in your own home
Unique handmade moments
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Cretalandia by Laura Michelangioli

I’m Laura, I’m an architect. I’ve worked freelance as an architect for many years until the day when I decided to open my small ceramics shop, Cretalandia, setting out on the wonderful world of craftsmanship.
I’ve always loved passionately everything handmade especially ceramics, an ancient art, to which I’ve been dedicating myself for many years.. I let myself be inspired by my suroundings, the uncontaminated nature of the province of Siena, in the heart of Tuscany. Tradition and innovation are my reference points.

My Creations

Home furnishings; Wedding Keepsakes; Gifts Made in Italy

All Cretalandia creations are unique.They are created either from white ceramic biscuit partially modelled and decorated with specific colours or from red and white clay.The process foresees molding and firing of clay at over 900 degrees Centigrade. Afterwards, the pieces are glazed then the process continues with the the second and eventually third firing.
Every object created is unique, a small work of art, made of beauty and imperfection. No piece is identical to the other, even if just for a small detail.Colour, dimension and shape can sensitively vary from one creation to the other.

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I realize personalized objects and I also mail my works abroad in a short period of time.
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Via Corso Matteotti, 69
53041 Asciano (Siena)
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