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Cretalandia of Laura Michelangioli

Hello, l’m Laura, i’m an Architekt. I’ve worked for a few years freelance, but life is quite strange. After several spins on the merry- go- round, I've recently opened a small ceramics shop, thus becoming officially a Craftswoman.
I love everything made by hand, especially ceramics, a craft to which I've dedicated myself with enthusiasm for the past few years. I'm mainly self taught.

My creations

Home furnishings, favors and gifts Made in Italy

I realize my works using semi-finished white ceramics biscuit, that I decorate with specific colours, or starting out from both white and red clay. I dry the pieces, after having modelled them, I fire them at 980°C. Then I proceed with the decorations and go on with a second and third firing.
Anyway, creating and realizing a piece takes quite a long time.
Every object is unique and the few imperfections visible testify that it has been made by hand. Colour, dimension and shape can be slightly different for each piece.

Let's stay in touch!

I realize unique pieces according to personal requests. I also send my artwork abroad within a short period. Please contact me for an estimate and an order especially created for you.

Thank you for reading

+39 0577 572939
+39 347 1038175
Via Corso Matteotti, 25
53041 Asciano (Siena)